World Business Services, Inc. - Founded 1994

Providing Marketing Services To Businesses On A Global Basis:

Our Vision
World Business Services, Inc. believes that some of the best products and services do not maximize their potential in the marketplace because the companies that market their products do not have the marketing background to identify innovative ways in which the products can be positioned. Our purpose is to work with companies that we believe have products and services that can only help businesses and people alike.

Our Purpose
To find service providers who epitomize a combination of innovation, value, and character.

What We Provide
World Business Services, Inc. works on a performance basis with companies whose products and services we market. We work on a shared benefit basis.

Partnering With Our Company
We have thrived due to establishing marketing relationships with professional business people and organizations who have well established networks that they believe have a need for our vendor services that we market. This approach helps expand our marketing scope.

About The Founder
Ron Feldman, founder and President of World Business Services, Inc. has been recognized by Who's Who In Lodging and Who's Who In California. He has taught Marketing at two Universities.

Contact Information
In Continental United States: 800-892-0879 (M-F business hours, all time zones)
In Canada, Alaska, Hawaii: 707-328-4211
Internationally: 707-328-4211
Fax (In the United States): 800-308-3204
Fax (Outside the United States): 707-763-3123